This page documents the shell module.

General concepts

The shell represents Dolmen's user interface. The following functions let you use user interface elements (such as dialogs) in order to facilitate interaction with users of your scripts.

Application Programming Interface


Displays a warning dialog.

See also: alert


Displays an error dialog. This can be used for critical errors.

See also: warning


Displays a dialog that lets the user select a file.

See also: save_file_dialog, open_directory_dialog


Displays a dialog that lets the user choose a path to save a file.

See also: open_file_dialog, open_directory_dialog


Displays a dialog that lets the user select a directory.

See also: save_file_dialog, open_file_dialog

status(message, timeout)

Displays message in the status bar for timeout seconds. If timeout is 0, the message is displayed until the next one appears.